As a composer Canning’s focus is on the application of networked media forms to construct music compositions and installations. His work previously focused on the use of instrumental resources and controlled interactions between human performers using new forms of music scores; more recently he has moved into the area of synthetic construction of sound. In both cases the work is always realised live and has its origins in computer code or algorithms.

His compositions have been performed and broadcast internationally by acclaimed performers and ensembles including the London Sinfonetta, Ensemble Concorde and the ConTempo String Quartet and presented in international conferences including ICMC (International Computer Music Conference), LAC (Linux Audio Conference) and NIME (New Interfaces for Musical Expression). His music is, however, more often performed by ad hoc groups of musicians in collaborative constellations of interactions and improvisation.

Since the late 90’s his work has relied on the exclusive use of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) for the realisation and execution of his work and he has remained a strong advocate of the free culture movement. He has been developer of the Puredyne GNU/Linux OS (Operating System) for media artists and developed projects as part of the GOTO10 media collective, Openlab and SPC medialab in London. Key areas of exploration in his work often engage conceptually with issues surrounding technological and network mediation.

He has a degrees in music from University of Wales, Cardiff (B.Mus (hons)), University College Dublin (M.litt.) and a PhD in Network Music Composition from Goldsmiths, University of London. He has lectured on software development and art practice in numerous festivals and institutions around the world and most recently worked as Senior Lecturer in Connected Digital Media and course director of the BA Digital Media degree at Coventry University (UK).

He now lives and works in Slovenia where, with his family, he is developing a rural arts space, Selo https://selo.kiben.net, developing projects at the intersection of the arts, technology and permaculture.

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